Voltage is a member of the autobot faction, and a character in Transformers: World Attack. He is the enginner of the autobots, working to help create weapons for them.

Appearance Edit

Voltage transforms into a helicopter, he resembles a yellow and blue cybertronian, lightning bolts on his body with a robotic goatee

Personality Edit

Voltage is an underrated member of his faction. Working to help create weapons when they're not as needed, he is an outlier who is fearful about the humans. Having some tension between him and the N.E.S.T.

On other sides Voltage can be quite entertaining, he makes puppet shows to entertain humans and others, can use his abilities to operate usual electronic technology. And has some good jokes..

Notes Edit

  • Outlier's originate from the IDW comics series, in this case you can think Voltage is the first of them..
  • It is unknown how Voltage got his outlier powers, people believe it was the only gift that the metrotitan gave..

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