Transformers World Attack is a series being developed by Thaxander12. It is primarily drawing inspiration from IDW, Cybertron, and the RID(2015) takes on the Transformers franchise.

Synopsis Edit

Essentially Edit

TFWA Follows the end of a war and the beginning of a new one, the result of a Metrotitan on Earth has lead to the creation of hot spots, pools of energon created by the metrotitan to make an entire spawn of Cybertronians.

On the good side is the creation of Pathfinder's team and the result of other lone autobots, what reigns on the dark side are the decepticons and their weapons of mass destruction.

TFWA gives the decepticons and autobots their own plots..

Autobots Edit

The Autobots are being lead by Centurion Maximus, trying to rediscover the ancient code to unlock the Key of Sigma. During this they'll venture with N.E.S.T to hold off decepticons.

Decepticons Edit

The Decepticons are trying to find the same key to release another metrotitan located near the Earth's core, while also staying out of the way of any Autobots who happen to stumble upon their plans.

Character Edit

The Characters in this story don't represent evil or good at times.

Autobots Edit

The Heroic autobots are sworn to guard this planet, until they left it. They believed Cybertron was greater than it need be, rising up once the Decepticons have created a war to stop the evil forces of the Decepticons!.

Optimus Prime's actions have long inspired the metrotitan of grand to create hope for Earth, these inspirations resulted in the beauty of warriors long and heroic, those who were made to defend the humans from the tyranny of the Decepticons..

Decepticons Edit

The Decepticons are mostly vicious beings who followed Megatron's will, they believed he was right about Cybertron's destruction and had decided to save it by the creation of war on cybertron.

Megatron's actions have long inspired the metrotitan of grand, these inspirations resulted in the total creation of Decimaton and other beings of terror.

Notes Edit

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