Adventures of Eevan
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 27/4/13
Written by A new episode before two months have passed? Impossible!
Directed by I am not taking this seriously.
Episode Guide
The Journey Begins
Seeing Double


Scene 1

(The scene is black and the words ‘Previously on Adventures Of Eevan…’ Appear in white. It changes to the first few seconds of the show. It then changes to the scene where Alex meets Eevan. Then it changes to the scene where the Tentacruel is detonating the grenade. Then it changes to the scene where Eevan and Alex are pushed by the explosion.)

Scene 2

(Eevan is unconscious on an island. He slowly wakes up and a Gurdurr stands near him.)

Eevan: (Dizzily) Ugh… Where am I?

Gurdurr: (Extremely strong Australian Accent) G’day Mate. Yer on Gurdurr Island.

Eevan: (Confused) What? Gurdurr Island? Do you know where Maap Island is?

Gurdurr: That place ain't near ‘ere. Do ya know ‘ow ya got ‘ere?

Eevan: No. I have to find Alex. (Turns into Vaporeon-E and starts to walk off.)

Gurdurr: (Amazed) Ya… Ya… Changed…

Vaporeon-E: Yeah. (Changes back.) I do that.

Gurdurr: You're Evonthiarsis… (Shouting) Guys! Evonthiarsis is here!

(A group of Gurdurr appear from behind some rocks. They run out and start cheering.)

Gurdurr 2: He has come to save us from Whiven! (All of them start to cheer loudly)

Gurdurr 4: What brings you here O Great One?

Eevan: (Confused) What? My name is Eevan.

Gurdurr 5: Maybe he changed his title in his absence. He is now Eevan.

Gurdurr 3: That rolls off the tongue better! He made the right choice, as always. (They all cheer again.)

Gurdurr 7: Wait… I forgot the legend again.

Gurdurr 1: Eevan, or Evonthiarsis was an Eevee with ancient abilities to change into alternate versions of the Eevee forms, and also change back without the use of stones.

Gurdurr 6: Get to the part when Evonthiarsis s- (Is cut off by Gurdurr 1)

Gurdurr 1: (Annoyed) I was getting there! Anyway, (ahems) he came to Gurdurr Island and defeated a tyrant who had taken over years before. His name was Whiven. He was a Poliwrath with extreme strength and power. Evonthiarsis defeated him but never lived to tell the tale. Luckily, the Gurdurrs all did and passed it about across the island. His spirit came to tell us that he would be reborn in a new, younger form. And… Err… I forgot the rest.

Gurdurr 6: This is why I wanted to tell it. (Steps forward and takes a deep breath) this new form was called Eedan and was believed to be a descendant of Evonthiarsis that took in his spirit. This incarnation had memory problems and forgot all about his heroics, so we had to kick him off the island. His spirit appeared again and told us that his son would be the next Evonthiarsis.

Eevan: (extremely confused and amazed) But… Eedan is my dad! If it says that I’m famous then I must be, but how come I don't remember anything.

Gurdurr 3: Memory problems.

Eevan: This is a lot to take in, give me some time.

Scene 3

(Alex is unconscious and sinking downward through water. Suddenly, his eyes open and he starts flailing his arms while holding his breath. He tries to fly up but a current sucks him into a small cave. A metal door closes behind him and the water in the cave drains. Alex is unconscious again.)

Scene 4

(It's back on Gurdurr Island but everything is blurry and there it is like a dream. It is from Alex’s POV. He looks around.)

Alex: (His voice is like it's far away from a tunnel) Ugh… Where is this? (Echoes and distorts)

(Everything goes dark)

Scene 5

(Alex is inside a glass orb, unconscious. He opens his eyes slowly and starts to fly about.)

???: It's no use.

(Alex stops flying and sees a Poliwrath standing in front of him.)

Alex: Who-

Poliwrath: Am I? I'm Thaddeus Whivenine Pole

Alex: Much pun no fun.

Thaddeus: I’m not joking, an unfortunate event of my mother, but she couldn't think of correct names for all 100 of her kids, and her mind was… Well…

Alex: Can you just explain why I'm here?

Thaddeus: Happily, and it's Whiven.

Alex: Ok wind pin.

Whiven: Whiven

Alex: Ok pig pen.

Whiven: You are not in a position to make fun of me right now. Refrain from doing so or there will be consequences. My home town doesn't exist.

Alex: That…. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Whiven: It was destroyed.

Alex: Ah. Wording.

Whiven: Kindly, would you shut up. Gurdurr Island was destroyed, an-

Alex: Gurdurr Island?! Eevan is there!

Whiven: Well unfortunately for him, he’ll die soon.

(Alex is shocked at this and tries to phase through the orb, but to no avail.)

Whiven: The island was destroyed and everyone there died. That was 10 years ago.

(Alex is taken aback by this)

Alex: W-What?

Whiven: I recreated it digitally. Virtually. Time goes faster there, Eevan has been there for a week.

Alex: How do you get there?

Whiven: You have to die to get there. I take the brain and do some stuff with it to connect it.

Alex: So Eevan is…

(Whiven smiles as Alex charges forward and bangs against the glass, shouting.)

Scene 6

(Eevan is being fed grapes and he is covered with a duvet in a throne. He is noticeably fatter than before.)

Eevan: Ahhhhhh….. This is the life….

(Suddenly, a glitched image of Alex appears and disappears, then reappears a few meters from his original position and becomes stable.)

Alex: Eevan!

Eevan: Alex!

Alex: Wake u-u-up thiiiis is just a dre-a dream.

Eevan: I thought that too, pinching yourself multiple times hurts.

Alex: No-o. You are ins-are inside a machine, I was able to temporarily hack it from a distance, hence why I'm soooooooo glit-ooo-glitchy.

Eevan: How can I wake up if I'm inside the machine?

Alex: Well the-(He disappears and glitches right in front of Eevan, and glitches back to his original position.) truth is… You're….dead.

Eevan: What…..

Alex: Whiven says that the only w-

Eevan: Why should you listen to Whiven?!

Alex: So far what he said is true.

(It shows shots of Gurdurrs declared dead on newspaper, and the same Gurdurrs waking by.)

Eevan: I can't be. I'm here.

Alex: Well… My mind refuses to believe it.

Eevan: Prove Whiven wrong!

Alex: How?! I don't know how to get you out of here!

Eevan: Good point.


Alex: Do you pay attention to your science?

Scene 7

(It's back in the orb with Alex.)

Alex: Can I have a drink?

Whiven: No.

Alex: I haven't had anything to drink for weeks.

Whiven: Why?

Alex: Well, it all started in the summer of ‘57…

Whiven: I don't care.

Alex: Ok, good thing I brought my own! (He whips out a smaller orb of water and sends sparks through it, making them gather and charge an organised bolt of electricity into a very small area in the orb - the weak spot.)

Whiven: Wha- (The orb blows up and smashes everywhere. Alex flies into another room, but Eevan is there, connected to wires which connect to a mainframe.)

Alex: (Unplugging the wires) Eevan!

Eevan: (Waking up) Alex! I'm not dead!

Alex: Let's show this bozo who's boss!

(Alex shoots bolts of plasma, which Whiven easily deflects, and Eevan turns into Vaporeon-E, shooting water at Whiven, who drinks it and punches Vaporeon-E straight in the face, smashing him against a wall.

Vaporeon-E/Eevan: Oww (changes back) That went as well as I someone other than us would've suspected.

Alex: Yep. (Dodges a punch from Whiven) Too bad he’ll get his butt kicked by that plasma bolt behind him!

Whiven: What? (Turns around) Hey! There's nothing- (Gets punched in the stomach by Eevan)

Eevan: Ha ha!

(Whiven picks him up by the ear and spins him around violently)

Eevan: Wooooaaaahhhh

(Alex comes and shoots Whiven with a plasma bolt, melting one of his gloves, which quickly regrows)

Whiven: Rrrrr. See you in the afterlife! (He breaks a hole in the ceiling of the room, causing water to flood in and begin to drown Alex and Eevan, who still can't transform. Whiven shoots up and disappears in the water.)

Eevan: Argh!

Alex: Trasf-(mouth is covered by water)

Eevan: I can't!

(Alex flies through the water and reaches some circuits that lead into a waterproof piping. He turns into electricity and flies through them, ending up near a teleporter. He activates it and him and Eevan disappear.)

Scene 8

(Eevan and Alex materialise in water, with Eevan doing some doggy paddles before turning into Vaporeon-E)

Vaporeon-E: We're alive!

Alex: Yep, Whiven had a teleporter which I hijacked to get us out of there. We should be near Maap Island.

Vaporeon-E: You're right about that…

(It shows a giant castle on an island that's just big enough for it. Sand surrounds the castle walls.)

Vaporeon-E: Here we go...


  • Eevan
  • Alex
  • Gurdurrs (dream)


  • Whiven


  • Vaporeon-E (x3, first time was in dream.)



  • This was remade
  • In the original, it wasn't a dream world, and one of the Gurdurrs were named.

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