Adventures of Eevan
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 14/4/13
Written by From the same people who brought you Finding Dory...
Directed by .....2 the one with no budget and popsicles as props for a beach scene
Episode Guide
The Legend Of Eevan


Scene 1

(Beach waves brush on Eevan's leg)

Eevan:Uhh... Where…Am…I... (stands up and looks around) Mom? Dad? Where are you?

Vanillish: Vanillish!! (A white ice cream-like pokémon was laying on the sand)

Eevan: (Stomach rumbles) I’m so hungry… (Fat man came over to him) Hey trainer! Could I have some food?

Man: (Looks down at Eevan and looks with sorrow at him.) Oh, are you a stray? Come over here. (He points to a fish shop over near the edge of the beach.) I can feed you. Poor thing.

(He leads Eevan over to the shop and smiles, while Eevan eats a piece of fried Magikarp. The scene changes to after Eevan finished and the man holds out a Pokéball.)

Man: Will you be my Pokémon? I will take very good care of you? (The man looks at Eevan with eyes that can make you do anything. Eevan pushes away the Pokéball and walks away from the man) So this is how it’s going to be huh? Houndoom, attack! (A group of Houndoom come and growl at Eevan. They start to bark.)

Houndoom 1: Well, well, well, what do we have here? An Eevee? They always taste good. But there's something different about you - I guess I'll just have to put on more salt! (A red star made of fire comes out of it's mouth and explodes near Eevan, who is already running away)

Eevan: Ahhhhhh! Swift! (A group of stars form around Eevan and fly at the Houndooms, though they just bounce off) (Sarcastically) Great.

(The Houndooms chase him through the city next to the beach and Eevan ends up with his back against the a wall in a narrow alleyway with the Houndooms slowly walking towards him.)

Houndoom 2: Say your prayers Eevee!

Houndoom 3: (In a very squeaky and girly voice) Let's hope you taste nice! (The other Houndoom stop and stare at the third and Eevan tries not to laugh out loud at the Houndoom) What? Was it something I said?

Houndoom 2: (They start advancing again) Nevermind. Dinnertime!!

???: Hey Doggies! (Flies down from up high and reveals himself to be a Rotom) Pick on someone your own size, like a Flabébé that was shrunken! (A blue blast of electricity comes down from the sky and shocks the first Houndoom) Hang in there Eevee.

(Three more lightning bolt zap the remaining Houndooms and they run away.)

Alex: Right, now that's done how about introductions. I’m Alex. And you are?

Eevan: (Eevan stood in awe and exhaustion. He slowly walked over to Alex.) I’m Eevan. I liked how you zapped those Houndooms. Thanks for saving me. (Looks around at the city.) I want to talk to you, but I want to go back to the beach first.

Alex: (frowning) I got things to do and I don't want to be late doing them. (Starts to fly off) See ya round.

Eevan: Wait! Where are your parents? You don't even look like a teenager, so you should be with your parents! (Walks over to Alex and frowns)

Alex: My parents are gone.

Eevan: (miserable) Oh… I'm… Sorry…

Alex: (Facepalms) Not gone as in dead, just gone.

Eevan: (Face lights up) Phew! But I don't understand, gone as in…

Alex: They suddenly disappeared one day a few months ago and after that I woke up on this beach alone. (Tear rolls down his cheek) It was nice meeting you Eevan.

Eevan: Wait! The same thing happened to me. I just woke up on this beach alone this morning. I've no idea how I got here or where I am.

Alex: My best bet is that the tide pulled you in, and you're at the beach. DUH! (He laughs and so does Eevan For a while) Seriously, I don't know how you got here, but this is Cellio City’s Beach, Outpherm.

Eevan: (Turns white) What?! I lived in Sinnoh, the other side of the planet!

Alex: (Surprised) Woah. It wasn't just the sea that took you here then, it must have some outside cause.

Eevan: (Smiles) Well…. I can't make this trip back to Sinnoh AND find my parents by myself. And, who knows, our Parent’s disappearances might be linked so…

Alex: I would happily came with you!

Eevan: Great! (Smiles and cheers) I guess we just need to swim as close as we can to it!

Alex: But how? The water is freezing! It would take a miracle to swim in it.

Eevan: (Smile fades) You're right. (Sees the sun setting) I think I'll just sleep on it.

Alex: (Half-Asleep). Sure… Good night.

Eevan: Good night Alex.

Scene 2

(Eevan wakes up slowly and looks around slowly. Soon after, Alex wakes up)

Alex: (yawns) Good morning Eevan.

Eevan: Morning Alex. Ahhhhhh!!!!! (Falls to the ground and starts glowing blue.)

Alex: Eevan! (Eevan’s glowing body grows taller and more like a Vaporeon. The glow fades and Eevan is revealed to have turned into this.

Eevan: Ugh… (Stands up) The good news is that the pain has stopped. The bad news is that I think I s- (Looks at Alex, who is staring in awe) What? Is there a Mirror here?

Alex: (Shocked) I… Wha… How…

Eevan: (Annoyed) What?

Alex: (Shocked and Slowly) I… Think… You… Evolved.

(Eevan stood shocked and silent. After a while he fell to the floor unconscious. The screen then fades to black)

Scene 3

( It is now midday. From a first person view Eevan blinks and stands up. It changes to third person view again.)

Eevan: (Excited) I… I can't believe it. I evolved! Is it Vaporeon? Or Glaceon, it's Glaceon isn't it!

Alex: I think it's a new one…

Eevan: Sylveon? It feels like Vaporeon.

Alex: I think it's Mega Vaporeon.

Eevan: What?

Alex: It looks like Vaporeon but it just... isn't.

Eevan (Looks as if he had an idea) Aha! It must be because of my mutant DNA, the Houndooms said there was something different about me.

Alex: (Amazed) Awesome! You should call it something like Vaporeon-Eevan!

Eevan: Or… Vaporeon-E! I'd rather be a Glaceon-E or something.(Glows blue again and turns back into Eevan) What? How did I…

Alex: You're back!

Eevan: But how?

Alex: Maybe it's only temporary?

Eevan: But if it is then… Can I transform again?

Alex: (Curiously) Try it.

Eevan: (Thinking) Vaporeon-E, Vaporeon-E, I want to transform into Vaporeon-E…. (Transforms into Vaporeon-E) Yes!

Alex: Great! Do you think you can swim now?

Vaporeon-E: I could already swim, there are a lot of things you don't know about me, especially considering you’ve only known me for half a day. (Steps inside water but melts and combines with the water) Ahh!

Alex: Eevan!

Vaporeon-E: I’m okay! I think I combined with the water.

Alex: (Worried) How is that okay?!

Eevan: (A cluster of water shaped like Eevan comes up and turns into him) Aw!

Alex: (Relieved) Few! I thought that if you timed out while combined with the water then you would… You would.

Eevan: I know. I would………. Die. (Face lightens up) Enough negative thoughts, this means we can swim to Sinnoh!

Alex: That would take a long time to get to, but… There is an island after a few miles of straight swimming, we could take a break there and continue after.

Eevan: Miles?!

Alex: Only 2 or 3. The full distance is like 20.

Eevan: Ok, let's do it.

Scene 4

(It is a dark and very very stormy night. A huge ship is rocking about in it. On deck is someone who looks like Eevan, but stands on two legs and is slightly more masculine. Next to him is a Eevee which is also bipedal, but doesn't look like Eevan as much and is female.)

Male Eevan Lookalike: (Shouting and Scared) Eve! We're going to crash!

Fem. Eevan Lookalike (Eve): (Shouting and Scared) No, Eedan! We can't let him die!

(Eevan comes up to the mast where Eedan and Eve are. But gets knocked overboard and hangs onto the pointy thing.)

Eevan: (Screaming and Crying) Mommy! Daddy! Help! (His paw slowly starts to slip.) Ahh!

Eedan: Eevan! (Eevan lets go and falls while Eedan jumps after him.)

Eve: I can't lose you both!!!

Eedan: (Partially underwater and slowly sinking) I will find you! But I need to save Eevan. This storm will tear him limb by limb so he needs someone to protect him until the worst of it's over. A father will always be there.

Eve: No! The storm will tear you two apart!

Eedan: If we are separated we will find each other again, then find you together. Goodbye.

Eve: No!

Eevan: Mommy!

(Eevan and Eedan both sink below the waves and a few seconds later the thunder stop and heavy rain falls.)

Eve: (Softly) No… My Eevan… No…

Scene 5

(A ripple is in the water with Alex following it. A cluster of water shaped like Eevan turns into him like before. He continues to swim normally which is slower.)

Eevan: This is going to take forever at this pace!

Alex: Look on the bright side, the island is only half a mile away. There are all sorts of maps there, so many that it's called Maap Island. Map Island was copyrighted already.

Eevan: If they served food there it could be called Mmmap Island. (Laughs)

Alex: Bad Joke. Sorry, try again.

Eevan: It was a good joke and you know it.

Alex: As of now I can only hear bad jokes. You still never stop talking. (Laughs) Burn!

Eevan: Oi! (Laughs)

(Eevan is stopped by what appears to be a piece of seaweed wrapped around his leg.)

Eevan: (Groans) My leg is stuck on some seaweed, wait. (He gets pulled lower and lower down until he is underwater.)

Alex: (Is turned around so he can't see.) Eevan? (Turns back to see empty water, no ripple, no Eevan and no Vaporeon-E.) Eevan!

Scene 6

(Deep underwater, a Tentacruel is holding onto Eevan’s leg.)

Eevan: Oi! Unhand, um, untentacle me! (He turns into Vaporeon-E and disappears into the water.) Over he-ere!

(The Tentacruel swings his tentacles at the place where Eevan came from.)

Tentacruel: (Annoyed) Stop playing games!

Vaporeon-E: Oh, I've only just begun.

Tentacruel: This might make you change your mind… (He reveals a grenade in his tentacle. Vaporeon-E reappears and reverts into Eevan.)

Eevan: I surrender. (Quickly transforms into Vaporeon-E and takes a deep breath. Then reverts back.)

Tentacruel: Good. But what's stopping me from killing you anyway. (Smiles, detonates the grenade and throws it at Eevan. Who swims away.)

Eevan: Ahh! (Is pushed forward and out of the water by the explosion.)

Tentacruel: Goodbye. You have served your role in the destruction of the world. I won't live in pain.

Scene 7

(Eevan is pushed out of the water and into the air by the explosion.)

Eevan: (Blandly) Ow.

Alex: (Worried) Where have you been?! I thought you were dead!

Eevan: We're going to be when the grenade explosion is boosted by the X Essence in the air.

Alex: The… What?

Eevan: X Essence boosts any explosions that touch it. It is something that can be converted into a gas, I smelt it and now I know why it's there. Run… Swim… Float… Just do whatever you do to get away!

(They try to get away but the explosion takes them both in. They hold onto each other so they don't get separated.)

Both: Ahh!

(The explosion covers the screen which turns to black. Three words in white appear in the center, reading ‘To Be Continued…’.)



  • Tentacruel
  • Food Stand Guy
  • Houndoom Trio


  • Vaporeon-E (x3)



  • This was remade
  • In the original, there was only one Houndoom, the boat scene never happened and the Tentacruel was named Tentaise.

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