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The Executioner
Executioner - LogoCrop
Type Series
Creators Sif
CaT (Executive Producer)
Ethan (Art Director)
Aaronbill3 (Art Designer)
Original Network Wolfpack Studios
Seasons One
Episodes Eight
Original Run To Be Determined.
Cast Johnny Yong Bosch
Donald Glover
Jamie Marchi
Rami Malek
Portia Doubleday
Teddy Sears
Neal McDonough
Nolan North
Steve Blum

The Executioner is a series created by Sif and executive produced by CaT, with Ethan serving as art director. It is an eight-episode series and serves as a direct re-imagining of the Sif 100 franchise, taking place in a current unidentified Earth.

Fan List

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To Be Added.


Short Synopsis

After finding a device with extrodinary capabilities, Sif Hunderson begins to uncover it's mysteries whilst also using it to save lives. However, this all comes at numerous costs, some not even clear to him.

Long SynopsisEdit

To Be Added. (Once aired) 


Main Cast

  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Joseph 'Sif' Hunderson.
  • Donald Glover as a currently unrevealed character.
  • Jamie Marchi as a currently unrevealed character.
  • Rami Malek as a currently unrevealed character.
  • Portia Doubleday as a currently unevealed character.
  • Teddy Sears as a currently unrevealed character.
  • Neal McDonough as a currently unrevealed character.
  • Nolan North as a currently unrevealed character.
  • Steve Blum as a currently unrevealed character.

Guest Stars

  • To Be Revealed.


  • Steve Blum as Heatblast.
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Echo Echo, Chromastone & Big Chill.
  • Roger Craig Smith as Fasttrack.
  • Jim Ward as Diamondhead.
  • Richard McGonagle as Four Arms.
Out of the Frying Pan

Plot: After obtaining the device known as The Alphamatrix, Sif Hunderson deals with the consequences of keeping the device.

Episode Two

Plot: TBA

Episode Three

Plot: TBA

Episode Four

Plot: TBA

Episode Five

Plot: TBA

Episode Six

Plot: TBA

Episode Seven

Plot: TBA

Episode Eight

Plot: TBA

  • Like most of Sif's previous work, the inclusion of actors is only meant to help paint a clearer picture of who the characters are and what they look or sound like.
  • The show is confirmed to have no fanon aliens, only utilizing the canon aliens.
    • The canon aliens may be re-imagined in either design or powers to reflect a more realistic take rather than a nonsensical one.
  • The title was a tough issue for most of its early development, though the title was ultimately decided by Mig.
  • Most images/artwork seen is made by Ebomnitrix with the exception of the background, made by CaT. The main series logo was created by Ebomnitrix as well, though cropped by CaT.

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