The Doctor
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General Information
Full Name N/A
Nicknames The Doctor
John Smith
Johann Schmidt
Theta Sigma
Doctor Who
The Oncoming Storm
Born N/A
Died N/A
Species Time Lord/Gallifreyan
Planet Gallifrey
Actor Alan Rinehart
Debut The Angel of the Morning


The Doctor is the main character of Alanomaly's Doctor Who. In this series, the primary focus of the first two seasons is the Thirteenth Doctor, the fifteenth incarnation of the character.


The Thirteenth Doctor's personality is currently unknown. Specifically, it is currently unknown how this incarnation's personality differs from that of his previous and future incarnations, while the consistent aspects of the Doctor's personalities (i.e. lack of using a gun) will remain with this Doctor.


The outfit of the Thirteenth Doctor is currently unknown. However, his physical appearance consists of being relatively shorter than the other incarnations, having brown hair that goes past shoulder length, brown eyes, and a brown beard.


  • As a Time Lord, the Doctor has an extended lifespan, being able to live for thousands of years before feeling the effects of aging. He also has a regeneration cycle, allowing him to cheat death by changing every cell in his body, basically becoming a new person with the same memories. As of the Eleventh Doctor, his cycle of twelve regenerations had been used up, but was given a new cycle by the Time Lords in The Time of the Doctor. As of the Thirteenth Doctor, he is currently in his fifteenth incarnation, the second incarnation of his new regeneration cycle, meaning he has ten regenerations left.
    • This regeneration energy can also be used to heal others without taking away from his regeneration cycle.
    • He can also regenerate without changing to the next incarnation. However, this has so far only been seen with him having his own severed hand nearby, in which he put the regeneration energy into. It is unknown if he can abort the change of a regeneration without a severed body part to put the energy into. The energy put into a severed body part can be activated and turned into a Meta-Crisis being, a copy of the incarnation the part came from that combines with the DNA of whatever touched it, as seen with the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor who had the DNA of Donna Noble.
    • The Doctor has a tiny bit of control over the regeneration process. In The End of Time Part 2, the Tenth Doctor held off his regeneration until having gotten his reward of visiting his previous incarnations. The Eleventh Doctor mentioned regenerating to rid his body of the control of Mr. Clever in Nightmare in Silver, although this would have just resulted in him dying due to that being his last life.
  • The Doctor has a TARDIS, which is an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. This bigger on the inside device allows him to travel throughout all of time and space. The TARDIS is disguised as a police public call box from Britain in the 50s-60s. Rather than disguising itself whenever it travels from one point to another, the disguise feature (called a chameleon circuit) is broken, keeping it in the form of the call box.
  • The Doctor is equipped with a sonic probe, which he calls a sonic screwdriver. This is a basic universal device, being able to do things as simple as unlock doors, as well as more powerful things such as sonic blasts.
  • The Doctor has a psychic paper, which allows him to project any image onto it that he wants others to see.
  • The Doctor can absorb radiation with little to no effect.
  • The Doctor can create a psychic link between different versions of himself.
  • Due to his extended life span, the Doctor his highly intelligent, having visited several points in space and time, thus knowing much about several things throughout the universe.
  • The Doctor has mentioned being able to handle temperatures as extreme as -200 degrees Celsius.
  • The Doctor has an increased lung capacity, and a binary vascular system.


  • Despite the extended life span of Time Lords, the Doctor can in fact die of old age/exhaustion.
  • Despite being able to absorb radiation, enough radiation can kill the Doctor.
  • The Doctor is able to be killed by the Dalek's death ray.
  • The Doctor's ability to regenerate without changing still counts as taking up an incarnation.
  • The Doctor's sonic screwdriver doesn't work on wooden items.
  • Anesthesia can slow down the regeneration process, as seen with how long it took the Doctor to go from the Seventh to Eighth Doctors in the Doctor Who TV movie.


  • The First, War, and Eleventh Doctors died of old age/exhaustion.
  • The Second Doctor died because the Time Lords forced him into a regeneration before his exile.
  • The Third and Tenth Doctors died due to excessive radiation. This also caused the latter to finally change in appearance.
  • The Fourth Doctor died when falling from a satellite tower.
  • The Fifth Doctor died of Spectrox toxaemia, a deadly disease. There was only enough of an antidote for the Fifth Doctor's companion, Peri, thus causing him to regenerate.
  • The Sixth Doctor died when a Time Lady known as the Rani attacked the TARDIS.
  • The Seventh Doctor died when surgery to save him from gunshots killed him.
  • The Eighth Doctor died in a spacecraft crash during the Time War.
  • The Ninth Doctor died from absorbing the energy of the Time Vortex from his companion, Rose.
  • The Tenth Doctor died from a Dalek shooting him, although he did not change his appearance after this regeneration.
  • The death of the Twelfth Doctor, in both the canon and in Alanomaly's series, is currently unknown.


The Thirteenth DoctorEdit

  • The Thirteenth Doctor will debut and meet Sharon Blake in The Angel of the Morning. However, it is currently unknown if his regeneration from the Twelfth Doctor will be shown or not.


The Thirteenth DoctorEdit


  • This Thirteenth Doctor splits off from the Thirteenth Doctor of the canon. The circumstances of regeneration between the canon Twelfth Doctor and Alanomaly's Twelfth Doctor are also going to be different, so as to keep the differences of the series. However, everything prior to this point in the Doctor's lives is canon to the Alanomaly series.
    • Also, it is currently unknown if the regeneration from Twelve to Thirteen will be seen, or if it will pick up during the life of the Thirteenth Doctor, such as how the 2005 Doctor Who series picked up soon after the Doctor regenerated from the War Doctor to the Ninth Doctor.
  • The Thirteenth Doctor is the first Doctor to gain a beard right after regeneration, and the second Doctor to actively don a beard throughout his incarnation, after the War Doctor.

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