The Diary 2: Old Cottage is a book by User:Reo 54 and a in-direct sequal to The Diary: Predator Games.


5 Days till Halloween

Hello! If You're reading this, that means i had the best Halloween adventure ever. My name doesn't really matter. It all started back in October. School break had just started. There were 5 days untill halloween. I got a call from my best friend Matt earlier this morning. He said he has the perfect halloween idea for us. He said something about a large cottage a little outside of town that noone was living in. Wait, you thought we were gonna go trick or treating? Hell no! We're too old for that! Anyways, Matt said i should bring a couple of people along. Who should i bring?

Just got of the phone with some friends. I invited Jenny along, aswell as Dan. Dan said he's gonna bring Oliver aswell. Matt also texted me that he got Clara and Sophie to go along. He said something about Jason or Blake coming. Anyways, i guess i'll go play some video games now.

4 Days till Halloween

Matt called and woke me up. He wants to show us the Cottage, just so we all know where to go on halloween night. I better start getting ready. Still want to hit Starbucks for some breakfast.

Okay, so we all met up at the center and went on for like a good on solid 45 minutes untill we reached the cottage. It was a large 2 or maybe even 3 storey building made out of wood. Most if not all of the windows were eithe rmissing or broken. There was a large yard around the house with some dead Apple trees and a large oak tree. it looked spooky. it was actually quite cold outside today. Dan and Oliver were both in their matched winter jackets. Jack showed up in just a hoodie and now complained about being cold. I was felling pretty good with my how coffee in my hand. Matt said that we probably shouldn't go inside during day time, since it's private property. I agreed. Clara suggested that we should check if the gates were even unlocked. Jack tried them and they were. They were old and rusty and squeked. 

On our way back we decided on what we each should bring along. Each of us has to bring a flash light obviously. Dan & Oliver siggned up to bring hot tea. Jenny said she was gonna bring a camera. I figured we should get some warmer clothes. Sophie immidietly suggested we should all go shopping before this. Clara added that we should still put on some scray masks. Jack and Oliver agreed to that while Dan wasn't really sure about that and looked a bit scared. We decided ongoing shopping the day after tomorrow.

Later that night electricity was malfuctioning. The light's started to flickr. Kinda creepy, isn't it? Power Issues before halloween? What am i thinking, it's probably just the wind.

3 Days till Halloween

I woke up kinda late this morining. I went out on the balcony and well the view suprised me. The sky was all grey. All the trees, and i mean all, had lost their leaves. Kinda spooky. Mom later tasked with cleaning up those leaves. Damn it! I'll watch a bit of TV and then head out.

Just got back from raking the leaves. My back hurts a bit. I put on some music. AC/DC in fact. I know it's an old band, but it's still awesome, even if you're not usually into that kind of music. I looked at my phone and Oliver has messaged me. He wants to hang with me an Jenny. I wonder why... I'll go see them then!

Okay, so i met up with Oliver and Jenny. Oliver just wants to get a good gift for Dan for their 1 year anniversay? no wait. Dan's Birthday? I don't really know. So he's asking for our help. Knowing Dan i suggested getting one of those new Warrior Cats books (in hopes of Dan later sharing). Jenny on the other hand suggested buying him a new set of headphones and a CD of his favourite Band. Oliver isn't sure what's Dan's favourite band, so...
After a little bit Oliver decided on buying the book and an old "Queen" CD. He claims that Dan doesn't have any "Queen" CDs, but he still likes the band. It is a good band, that's for sure. Jenny grabbed me and told me that we're gonna need a present for them too. I had forgatten. I told her not to worry. We'll buy it after Halloween.

For a Day that i thought was gonna be boring a lot is happening actually. Matt messaged me saying his friend Tyler cancelled on Game Night so he asked me to come over. Why not, right? I went over to Matt's. Damn he has some good games. We ended up playing Black Ops 3. and some other 1st person shooter games.

It just hit 11 PM and my mom called me telling me to get home. Pretty heavy rain was coming down outside. and the wind was super strong. And i, as always was on foot. I decided that maybe staying over at Matt's would be better and after calling my mom and explaining the weather she agreed. so i stayed over at Matt's. at around midnight, we were still playing and suddenly out of nowhere the power went out. I blamed the weather...

2 Days till Halloween

Both of os woke up late. The girls were already calling for us. We had arranged to meet at 11 AM. It was 11:45 or something. We figured we'll get breakfast in the center, even tho Matt's mom had made her famous pancakes. 
Outside looked pretty bad. A lot of tree branches were everywhere. Leaves all around the place. The sky was even more grey than yesterday. On the way to the center i noticed a car with a tree over it. Good thing i stayed at Matt's.

Everyone was already waiting for us at the center. Clara and Sophie grabbed us by the hands and pulled us away into the shops. Here we go again! 

Later on, we were hanging at the Halloween item shelves. Matt was trying on weird masks with Sophie an Clara. Dan and Oliver were doing their own thing. Jack & jenny were looking at some kind of candles or something. I wasn't really sure what do look at. I noticed a man in a long coat and black hat peaking around the corrner. I wnet to check out who he was, he vanished around the corrner and when i got there there was no trace of him. Jenny asked me why i suddenly had rushed at the corrner. i told her it was nothing. Weird. It probably was.

We came out of the store. Jack finnaly had a winter jacket. Matt both a creepy devil mask or what ever it was. Sophie and Clara had bought a halloween make up set. Not really sure what Dan & Oliver had in their bag. I on the other hand got myself a new warm hat. Jenny had bought some pretty sweet looking gloves. We talked and decided to meet at the twon square at 6 PM. since it takes like 45 minutes to walk there and we'll be probably waiting on some one, we figured we would be at the cottage at 7. Sounds cool.

When I got home i was suprised by the amount of pumpins there were in the kitchen. Mom told me i'm gonna have to help my little bro carve them tomorrow. I never really liked carving pumpkins.
Since i hadn't sleep well last night, i decided to go to bed pretty much right after dinner. It was like 9: 30 PM i was still texting with some friends when suddenly i notice a creppy man like figure peeking trough my window. I looked like the man i saw at the shop today. i rushed out of bed to check what the hell it was, but when i got there it was gone. I asked my mom to turn off the lights in the corridor and before she could answer they just went off. The power had gone off again. And not long after the rain and the wind started too. What the hell? I decided to just go to sleep. Some kind of shadow was still in my window.

I woke up in the middle of the night. The shadow is no longer just in the window. It's actually in my room. I'm trying to find the switch for my desk lamp. i suddenly hear a wolf howl. I finnaly reach the light and turn it on. There's nothing there. I look at the clock. It's 4 AM. I'm covered in cold sweats. Am i coming down with a fever? i hope not.

1 Day till Halloween

I Woek up at like 7 AM. For the first time in like 2 or 3 weeks i actually had breakfast together with my dad. He's always at work. We gotto talk quite a bit. After he left for work i decided to take my own temperature, just cause. Everything seemed normal. I figured i might aswell play a bit of video games before my brother is up. Just as soon as i turned on the game, i got a text from Jenny. Appearantly she's got the perfect costume idea for me. I don't remember asking, but okay. I was gonna go without the costume. That's the thing about me. Don't get me wrong, i love Halloween, but  i hate wearing any kind of costumes. i find them humuliating and childish, no matter if you're count dracula or a sexy nurse. Okay, not one of my best examples, but you get the point.

Soon my brother woke up and so did my mom, after they had breakfast they called me down stairs to help with the pumpkins. I hate carving pumpkins. I love pumpkin soup, but carving them for halloween. I hate doing that. Here goes nothing!

Okay, Mom's making pumpkin soup. We finished carving them. I think i might take a nap. Oh wait. Jack's calling me. i picked up the phone and talked to him for like solid 10 minutes. Turns out he had terrible sleep too. He also had seen some kind of weird figure at night. he said he had woken up at 3 AM. That's weird. Oh well, i'll watch some TV.

Later in the day Clara called me saying she wants to hang out and she's bored. I Mean why not. i have nothing better to do. And my bro is bothering me with wanting to play Video Games. So i decided to go out with Clara. Have to say, i've never been out with just her. There's always someone else, but not this time.

We agreed on meeting at the center, but we met up not far from my house. i guess she was really bored. We decided to get some hot coffe from Starbucks and then take a walk trough the park. you know, i never realised how beautiful the park was at night, nor did i ever realise how beautiful Clara was. Soon She got cold, so i offered to go to the cinema. They were showing that old "Thinner" movie that's based on the Stephan King book. I've read the book. Never watched the movie. We got 2 tickets and went on to watch the film.
During the film there was something bothering me. i thought there was a mad standing at the side of the screen. He looked like ha had a long coat and a hat... a fedora! finally remembered the name. 

Only after the movie had ended i figured where have i seen that man before. He's the guy at the shop, the shadow in my room last night. And i think he was following us right now. i was afraid to look back. ofcourse i din't tell anything to Clara. i decided it might be better to call it for the night. I walked her home and then carried on to get home too. There was someone following me. i could hear it. everywhere i looked i could see someone peaking from the shadows. it seemed like the man. I Rushed home as fast as i could. DInner was just made. Sat down with my familly and ate. i swear i saw the man peaking trough my kitchen window.

As the night progressed the bad weather came too. Since tomorrow was halloween and both me and my brother were heading out, Mom & Dad figured to have a halloween movie night tonight. Both me and Mom suggested not to watch anything too scary and my Dad suggested "The Addams Familly". I love that movie! i've seen it multiple times but it's still awesome.

It was approaching 11 PM. Suddenly the power went off. It came back soon. but still spooky. After a few minutes it happend again. Then again. None of us did anything. we just balmed the weather and the power was out for just a little bit so none of us got worried. Then the power cut. It wasn't turning back on like before. My dad went to check. Me and my brother went up to find a flashlight or something. Dad said something had been cut or fried. he said he'll be there for a little  bit. Me and my brother decided to go to sleep.


I woke up to a scream. i rushed out of bed in my "The Flash" pajamas. Dad was lying on the floor with an axe in his back. Mom was there in shock. My brother soon rushed here too. i covered his eyes. My dad was alive. He said he had no idea what happend. i called the ambulance. They arrived and took him away to better treat his injury. Mom said she has no idea what happend. I have my mind set on the Guy who followed me. 

I talked to my friends about it. Mainly Jack since he had seen the guy in his sleep too. Oliver said he might have seen him too. Sophie said that her power had been cut with and axe last night. Sophie lives quite near me so it might have been the same guy. Something weird is going on.

My mom forbid by brother to go out tonight. i told her i was gonna be hanging at a friend's house so she let me go. Also, pumkin Soup for lunch again today.

My old friend Cameron, or as we called him "Gandalf", messaged me asking if I wanted to play some Good old Team Fortress 2 or old time sakes. We have a tradition of playing it on Halloween. I said yes. It was a great game! GG to that guy. Later we played a bit of Need for Speed, but a message from Jenny distracted me from that.
She told me to go over to her place for that costume she came up with for me. i told her i don't want a costume, but she told me to get over there anyways, so i went.

At Her place she told me that she wanted to paint me to look like an "Anonymus". You know those mask, but instead of a mask, she was gonna paint it on my face. I hate getting my face painted, but, it's halloween, and it's Jenny. So i let her paint me.
The end result was actually amazing. She then had to still put on her costume. I don't really know what it was, but knowing her i would say it's a Goth from Hogwarts. It was nearly 6 already so we decided to get going. She grabbed her camera and we went.

We all met at the center. Matt was wearing that hellish demon mask he bought yesterday. Sophie resembled a banshee. Clara looked like a somewhat vampire medusa or something. Not really sure. And Jack had his hockey mask on and looked like Jason. If only Jason would have come with us. Then there could be a real Jason. Oliver looked to my like a buff Slender Man while Dan resembled a cute little warewolf. Wait what? Nevermind that. 

As soon as me and Jenny approached them, Clara ran up to me and hugged me. I wonder what that's about. Everyone had the same suprise as i did. i hugged her back, and after that we started on moving. ugh... walking!

We finally arrived at the cottage. It looked even spookier at night. As we opened the gates, they squeaked. We all turned on our flash lights. and slowly walked towards the entrance. the house made out of wood, but i think i already said that. We got onto the terrace and stopped. The door was opened. Matt was wondering that someone might have had the same ideas as us. We still went inside. the ground was creaking aswell. Jason suggested we should split up. If there's one thing i've learned from Scooby Doo, it's never split up. It's not gonna end well.
We carried on walking trough the corridor. A door was open. We went inside. It was a bedroom. It was messy and covered in cobwebs, but there was something out of place. The Bed. It looked like it would have been made this morning. The Sheets, while dirty, were made perfectly. We went out of the bedroom and continued on ending up in a kitchen.
There were dirty plates in the sink, half empty and empty cans of food. Jason even opened the fridge. I was prepared to see a Rat or something, but instead there was just a bunch of food. Matt took out something that resembled a box of milk. He said it had today's date. we didn't trust him, so we all checked. Indeed, it had today's date. The year was correct. That's what freaked me. We soon left the kitchen and continued on into the living room.
You know, i never knew what exactly happend to this house. I figured it just got abandoned. Little did i know that that isn't the case. A fammily used to live here. The Mother and the children died in a car accident or something. It was reported in the news that the whole familly had died, but the father was still at home groping with the pain. People thought this place was deserted so they came here to vandalise, do stuff they aren't allowed to do. Little did they know that the father was still here. He had started to attack these people. Even injuring some. only 2 or 3 murders were ever reported. But that was ages ago. But what if he still lives here? Could he be the man who followed me? Who hurt my father?
While exploring the living room, we heared a terrible scream. It sounded like someone screaming "Get Out!". A Scream of pain was released afterwards. We looked around at each other. Jack was nowhere to be found. Jenny thought it could be Jack trying to scare us. He does that kind of stuff. Matt said we should go back a little to see if it was Jack. So we did. Clara suddenly grabbed around me and Sophie grabbed around Matt. Oliver and Dan started holding their hands and we proceded to head back towards the bedroom.
We got to the bedroom but there was noone there. We continued going further down the corridor untill one of us finally flashed or light at the end of it. There We saw him. Jack, lying on the floor covered in blood. His Mask was ripped off. Matt went on closer to check, thinking it was a prank. Then i heard it. Behind us was a man. and he screamed: "WHO DARES?!". We all turned around and saw him and without thinking ran up the stairs. Going to the 2nd fllor was a bad idea, but that was the only option. Me, Clara and Jenny were on the right side. the others were on the left. We ran.
~R.I.P. Jack~
After running for a little bit, we found a small corridor that connected both sides. Just as we got back together Oliver was grabbed. Dan tried to hold on, but Matt pulled him back so that both of them wouldn't be taken away. Dan screamed. He fell on his knees. Jenny got down to comfort him. We Got dan up and continued to walk, sometimes even run. We had no idea how to get back down. 
~R.I.P. Oliver~
Then we found something that we thought was a passage down, so we took it. Bad Idea. It took us down to the basement. There we saw it all. Newspaper clippings about the death of the familly. Scrathes on the wall. SOmeone was counting their days. And on the table, a grille dcheese sandwich. Wait What? That's when we realised who was after us. It was the man. On one of the chairs was that coat i've been seeing for the past few days. It was clear. 
We turned to go back up the satirs, but there he was, he snatched Sophie out of Matt's arms. we started running. There was a small ladder on the other side of it. We ran as fast as we could. Jenny and Clara went up first, then dan and Me and finnaly Matt. Matt was too slow. the Man grabbed Matt and pulled him away. It was just the 4 of us now.
~R.I.P. Sophie~
~R.I.P. Matt~
Not quite sure on which part of the house we are, we started making our way trough another hallway. There was an open door with light coming from it. We looked inside. It was Oliver with his flashlight sitting dead in a chair. Dan said he wants to stay with Oliver, but i told him that if he does that he'll die. He didn't care much, but still managed to pull him away. We had wasted enough time. We started running and turned around a corrner. Jenny was running first and as soon as she turned, The Man ripped his hand trough her. Teh 3 of us stubled back and the proceded running trough the hallway. I heared him say "It's Too Late To Run!"
~R.I.P. Jenny~
Soon we found another one of these turns. We came out on the original corridor. The one with Jason at the end. We made a ran for the doors. Dan tripped and i looked back to see him being pulled away by that man. Me and Clara ran. We got to the exit. I slammed out the dorrs which were now shut. Clara attempted to run right after me, but he grabbed her and pulled her away. I knew i had to run!
~R.I.P. Dan~
~R.I.P. Clara~
I was running trough the yard. Making my way to the gates. I touched the gates and turned around...
i ripped trough his heart, Sliced off his hands, and bangged his head against the gates. They were fools to come here. I knew it was a bad idea from the start. The question is, if there was anyone ever following me? And i call this my best Halloween adventure ever. Funny...
~R.I.P. Him~


  • The Writer of the Diary
  • Matt
  • Jack
  • Dan
  • Oliver
  • Clara
  • Sophie
  • Jack
  • The Writer's Dad
  • The Writer's Mom
  • The Writer's Brother
  • The Killer/The Man in the Coat


  • The Book was written for the YoU Event: Spooktober Writing Contest, which took place on October 2016.
  • Simmilar to the previous book, all the main characters that were introduced in the book end up dead, there for a direct sequal can not be made.

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