Sharpwings is the current leader of the Decepticons and a protagonist in Transformers: World Attack. He is a warrior and brother to Centurion Maximus.

Appearance Edit

Sharpwings is a large winged cybertronian, his main colors being purple and silver. His jet wings are folded into his back and can spring out at any time. His vehicle mode is a jet

Personality Edit

Sharpwings is a selfish and cunning enemy, always having a need to hold power from everyone else. The Decepticons may not know it but he's actually been planning a counteract to anything they do, this act of not trusting his enemies has lead him to make some enemies. Sharpwings doesn't care for humanity either, only involving them in the war just to truly anger the autobots and gain their hatred, to do it just because of how discgusted he is with humanity.

Notes Edit

  • Sharpwings was inspired by Thunderwing, a villain of the original Transformers comic published by Marvel.
  • He's not the nicest guy to be around, especially considering he has a nasty habit of burning people who've annoyed him..

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