Adventures of Eevan
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 30/4/13
Written by For once, I kinda want to take this seriously.
Directed by Even though I have rubbish writing skills.
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The Legend Of Eevan
No Strings


Scene 1

(Open to a bedroom in the castle seen last episode with an Espeon looks at dresses help up by a Simisear)

Espeon: Pink! No, purple! Wait… Pink! Actually, um, purp-no wait pink. Actually…

Simisear: (butler accent) Aren't both dresses equal?

Espeon: Yes! That's the problem! Ok, I know with all my heart that it's pink, or maybe I should go with purple...or pink.

Simisear: The dinner party will start soon Miss Emily.

Emily: It's princess Emily to you, and I know. It's gonna be purple! Or… Actually pink…

(Cut to a beige tentacle slithering down the stairs into a basement. In the basement there are hundreds of tentacles. The first one makes a movement pointing up to the Dining Hall of the castle. The other make a hissing sound like a chant.)

Scene 2

(Cut back to Eevan and Alex laying on the shore, catching their breath.)

Alex: Well… The map says we've been going in the exact opposite direction, and that it isn't twenty miles, it's 430.

(Eevan sighs)

Eevan: We better get going then.

(A scream comes from the bedroom, and two charred dresses with pink and purple faintly showing on them fall out the window and onto Eevan's head.)

Eevan: (Muffled) What in the-(pulls dresses off) What was that?

Alex: I dunno. Let's go inside.

(Before they go inside, Emily walks out)

Emily: I never saw you like this before Stewart!

(The Simisear from before walks to the doorway)

Stewart: Well too bad! (Slams the door)

Alex: Hey, hello! Do we permission to enter this castle?

Emily: Sure!

Alex: (signals to Eevan) Hey Eevan! This Espeon says we can come in the castle!

Eevan: Ok. T-(He looks at Emily and starts staring. The world fades and is replaced by a pink background. Only Emily and Eevan are still left. It snaps back to reality with Alex waving his hand in front of Eevan's face, who is still staring at Emily.)

Alex: Eevan? Eevan? Here we go… (He shoots a bolt of lightning at Eevan, who jumps up in shock)

Eevan: I’m awake! I'm awake! Wait… What are you thinking?

Alex: (smiling) Nothing….

Emily: Why don't you two come in?

Alex: That would be great.

Scene 3

(Eevan, Alex and Emily are walking down a hall)

Emily: I’m Emily, what's your name?

Alex: Name’s Alex.

Eevan: I-I-Uhh

Alex: (gestures to Eevan) His name is Eevan.

Emily: Nice to meet you.

Alex: Same.

Eevan: Uhhh…

Emily: What's your favourite color?

Alex: Orange

Eevan: What's yours?

Emily: Yellow.

Eevan: Mine is too.

Alex: I thought yours was-(gets elbowed by Eevan) Ow!

Emily: What brings you here?

Alex: Long story, not gonna be staying for long.

Emily: Ok.

Alex: Can we see the owner of this place.

Emily: That would be me.

Alex: You own this entire mansion?

Eevan: Mansion? It's a castle.

Emily: Yep. I'm the princess.

Alex: Seriously? Where’s the queen.

Emily: No. There is no queen. I’ll have my coronation when I turn 18. Gonna have a banquet tonight! I was choosing which dress.

Alex: We already ran into those.

Emily: My butler burnt them and threw them out the window. I have no idea what happened. Excuse me, I have to get another dress. The guest room is up the stairs.

Alex: Ok. Thanks.

Scene 4

(Eevan and Alex are in the aforementioned guest room, which is identical to the bedroom, but all the pink is green and there are three, smaller beds.)

Eevan: Nice.

Alex: You like her.

Eevan: What?

Alex: Emily. You like her.

Eevan: Well I-

Alex: Don't deny it. It's as obvious as day.

Eevan: (Ignoring him) Hey, look over here. There’s-

Alex: What?

Eevan: Nevermind. Let's go.

Alex: Where?

Eevan: On our journey.

Alex: We just came here.

Eevan: So?

Alex: We’re staying the night.

Eevan: You could've told me.

Alex: You were the one who said so.

Eevan: Oh. Sorry.

Alex: Nevermind. Let's see what's in the guest kitchen.

Eevan: No! I mean, we shouldn't leave here.

Alex: (confused) Ok…

Eevan: Let's go look around.

Alex: You just said we shouldn't leave here.

Eevan: I always contradict myself, don't I?

Alex: Yes...but…

Eevan: I just did, so let's go.

Scene 4

(Emily is choosing between a light yellow and dark yellow dress. Vaporeon-E walks up to her and raises his fist. It cuts to Eevan and Alex in the hall. Who hear a scream.)

Alex: Who was that?!

Eevan: It doesn't matter.

Alex: Yes it does!

Eevan: No it doesn't. It's just her fashion sense.

Alex: Her?!

Eevan: I know it's Emily, and fashion sense thanks to Espeon-E.

Alex: You have an Espeon-E? Show me!

Eevan: There's no practical use.

Alex: You think practically? Who are you?

Eevan: How did you know?

Alex: Know what?

Eevan: I’ll go and take care of Emily, you stay here.

Alex: Bu- (Eevan jumps inhumanly high and walks into a higher corridor.) What?

Scene 5

(Cut to Emily’s bedroom, with Vaporeon-E standing there. Everything is either wrecked or severely water damaged. Eevan jumps down, next to Vaporeon-E.)

Eevan: The hidden room?

Vaporeon-E: Yep. Now what?

Eevan: The Rotom is left. We need to exterminate him.

Vaporeon-E: How do you propose we do that?

Eevan: Surprise attack.

(Alex is revealed to be behind the two.)

Alex: Kinda hard for a stealth mission if I know you're going to do it. (Shoots plasma bolts at the ceiling, melting a circle around the chandelier and smashing Vaporeon-E with it. A tentacle like the ones earlier emerges and reforms into Emily)

Vaporeon-E/Emily: Hah! You thought that would defeat me?

Alex: No, but it would distract you. From that plasma construct behind you.

Emily: What t-(Is hit from behind by a plasma orb.

Alex: Ha!

Eevan: Uhh.. Unit 17? I feel uncomfortable with you in that form.

Unit 17/Emily: I’m not changing!

Eevan: Ok, here's one I live to call...Espeon-E (Eevan changes into a figure resembling Espeon, but more well built and more like Eevan and Vaporeon-E. It has a pinkish-white group of hair around his neck and on his forehead, on which a jewel is placed.)

Espeon-E: Here we go...

Scene 5

(Emily and Eevan are tied up in a hidden room together. Their hands are tied to each others and they are facing away.)

Eevan: Well… That was unexpected.

Emily: Yep. What now?

Eevan: I propose we get out.

Emily: Right.

(Emily tries to use her psychic to break the rope, but it reflects back onto Eevan, who gets knocked out.)

Emily: Oops.

(Eevan wakes back up.)

Eevan: So what's the plan?

Emily: This rope is blocking our powers. Maybe gnaw away at it like Beavers?

Eevan: Our mouths can't reach.

Emily: You're right. Also can you move your hand, you're touching my arm.

Eevan: Ok. (Moves arm and starts to glow.) Wha- (He turns into the Espeon-E form the other Eevan showed.) …

Espeon-E: I. Am. A. Girl…

Emily: So?

Espeon-E: I don't know how to be a girl! I’ll have to learn how to drink tea with my little finger out, how to endlessly gawk at Thirty-Two Direction posters, and how to be cute! I can't do any of that!

Emily: …


Emily: Are you saying that all girls do that….

Espeon-E: No, I'm a young kid, and that's what kids of my age do.

Emily: I. Am. Your. Age.

Espeon-E: … Well… (Eevan teleports him and Emily out of the rope, but the one binding their hands together doesn't move.)

Emily: When my hands get unstuck I'm gonna punch you.

Espeon-E; Let's focus on the problem at hand.

Emily: Was that pun intentional or accidental?

Espeon-E: Accidental, but it was good!

Emily: One question. Why did you attack me?

Espeon-E: How did I attack you?

Emily: You turned into your Vaporeon form, and knocked me out. When I woke up I was tied up with you.

Espeon-E: I never di- wait a second.

Emily: Yes?

Espeon-E: (Gestures to mirror, showing Emily and Eevan tied up.) that mirror still shows us tied up…

Emily: Bu-(The mirror turns into a beige tentacle and shoots at Emily, who knocks it off, it transforming into an Umbreon.)

Umbreon: This'll be fun.

(Espeon-E starts chucking tons of purple weapon constructs at the Umbreon, who turns to look at Eevan and shoots a Hyper Beam, turning him back.)

Eevan: Darn it!

Emily: That's a dark type. Psychic type moves have no effect on them.

Eevan: (dodging multiple dark pulses) I know. I just thought Espeon-E would be special.

Umbreon: Heh. (Transforms into Mewtwo) Oohh yes. I can't believe I, Unit 231, was the first to do that.

Eevan: I’m sick of this. (Eevan transforms into Vaporeon-E and bursts through the ceiling, grabbing Unit 231.)

Scene 6

(Alex is fighting Unit 17 and another unit as Emily, when Vaporeon-E suddenly bursts through the floor with Unit 231 in a jet of water.)

Vaporeon-E: Get rekt!

Alex: Wha-(Is hit by the Emily copy) Ow!

Unit 17: Unit 231! Unit 80! Regroup.

Vaporeon-E: You're not going anywhere. This air, being surrounded by water, is moist, which you creatures need for survival.

Unit 80: How did y-

Vaporeon-E: And that's not all. You can't stay stable without it! I am absorbing the moisture right now, and I wonder what would happen if there wasn't any!

(Units 17 and 80 start to turn into tentacles and melt, followed shortly by Unit 231.)

Unit 231: What sort of trickery is this?

Vaporeon-E: It's science. I just explained it.

Unit 17: Why…. (All of the Units melt. Alex creates an moisture and air tight plasma container to keep the Units inside.)

Alex: How did you get so smart?

Vaporeon-E: It must've been Espeon-E, I felt smarter in that form, so I guess it lingers.

Alex: Cool.

(It pans to Emily halfway up a torn staircase.)

Emily: That was amazing! How did you do that?

Vaporeon-E: I dunno, must've been an E form thing.

Emily: Thanks for saving me and my castle.

Vaporeon-E: You're welcome!

Emily: And Eevan…(Comes closer)

Vaporeon-E: Y-Yes? (Emily punches him in the face.)

Emily: Told ya! Bye!

Alex and Eevan: Bye! (They fly/swim off.)



  • Unit 17
  • Unit 231
  • Unit 80
  • Various Tentacle Creatures (cameo)


  • Espeon-E (debut)
  • Vaporeon-E



  • This was remade
  • In the original, there was no enemy and the plot was drastically different.

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