Pathfinder is a combiner and main protagonist of Transformers: World Attack. She is a combiner made from five different explorers of the Cyberae System.

Personality Edit

Pathfinder is elegant, kind-hearted and funny at times. This is due to all of her members having no real hate for eachother, making her a combiner at it's best and fullest potential.

She does have some flaws though, only living to impress others like Optimus Prime. Making her question her existence. This has even gotten in the way of her missions.

Components Edit

  • Supernova: Supernova is the leader, having all of her combinations elegance and generosity but at the cost of being distracted way too often.
  • Andromeda: Andromeda is Supernova's older sister, being there to guide her through the battles and power. She is also apart of the cyberae tour.
  • Planetoid: Planetoid is the guardian, being the bulkiest of her brethren but also the smartest when it comes to repairing technology, for she always has a saying. "Transcend your hearts to the highest level..".
  • Rifter: Rifter was originally an unlucky member of a project, eventually the project had been destroyed but not before it gave her the abilities to open portals. These powers give Pathfinder an upgrade in battle, allowing her to access her energon weapon.
  • Moonrock: Moonrock was actually a supply drone, being used as one of the N.E.S.T's newest attempts at manipulating cyberformium, eventually she was given life and decided to discover more about herself and the world itself..

Notes Edit

  • Pathfinder's name is based off of the Gobot of the same name. She is also based off of magical girls and Victorion in some case.
  • Pathfinder usually has a circle created around the other females, this circle allows her to contact them at any time..
  • Her portal abilities allowed her to uni-warp, entering alternate universes that were not accessible to other cybertronians.
  • The cyberae is basically the solar system of robotic planets..

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