Mediguard is the medic and member of the autobot faction. She is a main character of Transformers: World Attack.

Appearance Edit

Mediguard transforms into an ambulance. Her usual likeness is a skinny cybertron with expanded hips and glamorous violet eyes..

Personality Edit

Mediguard is a very passionate and caring person. She is generally seen as not the battle-type, but instead being the one to back her allies up whenever they need any help..

Those who call her the cleric are also wrong at the same time. When angered Mediguard is generally the one to slap someone up. Being sassy and completely devoid of her happiness in this role..

Notes Edit

  • Mediguard's role as a medic is very compareable to some of Transformer's main medics. She is generally like the nurse.
  • She is not afraid to slap someone up, as seen when she does so to Voltage and Beatdown without hesitation..

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