Fallout is a warrior of the decepticons and protagonist of Transformers: World Attack.

Appearance Edit

Fallout transforms into a larger tanker truck. Having yellowish eyes and a camera head. He has green stripes all over parts of his body with a muscular cybertronian build. His shoulder cannons are made from useable parts. These shoulder cannons fire off a rust-like sludge that can trap others and burn them..

Personality Edit

Fallout is a mute berserker. His unforgiving rage having come from those who have abandoned him..Fallout seeks only to harm and create chaos. He doesn't care that he's destroying something only until he can get his REVENGE..

On other times Fallout is generally intelligent. Having built toxic weaponry to increase his usefulness. Add that to his synthetic energon supply and you'll find yourself dealing with the bringer of famine..

Notes Edit

  • Fallout is actually inspired by Contagion from Transformers: Universe. He even shares some similarities to his appearance..
  • This guy has dangerous thoughts in his Decimaton. I advise you'd stay away if he wa sreal..

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