General Information
Pokémon Species Eevee (Mutant DNA)
Age <14
Affiliations Alex
Occupation(s) Adventurer
Powers and abilities
Abilities Transformation
Relatives Eve (Mother)
Eedan (Father
Alias Eevee (Houndoom, Alex, Emily)

Eevan is a character in Adventures of Eevan. He is the main protagonist, along with Alex.

History Edit

In The Journey Begins, Eevan wakes up with no memory of how he got there, and sets off to find his parents.

While getting some food, he is attacked by a deranged trainer and some Houndoom, who corner him, before being saved by Alex.

While talking to Alex, Eevan accidentally transforms into Vaporeon-E, and finds out that he can transform into 'E' forms of the Eeveelutions.

Eevan is then captured by a Tentacruel, but uses his new powers to escape, but jot before the Tentacruel can set off a grenade, knocking out both Eevan and Alex.

In The Legend Of Eevan, it is revealed that he landed on an island where the inhabitants worship him. Later, he sees Alex, who reveals to him that it's a dream, and that he might be dead. Eventually, Eevan is taken out of the dream and uses Vaporeon-E to defeat Whiven, who breaks a hole in the room they are in, almost drowning him.

Alex hijacks the teleportation circuits, teleporting him out and making them both land near Maap Island.

In Seeing Double, he and Alex take a break on Maap Island and meets Emily, who he immediately develops a crush on. He is replaced by Unit 80, and wakes up an unknown amount of time later, tied to Emily. They break out, and he uses Emily's DNA to accidentally transform into Espeon-E. He then fights Unit 231 and uses Vaporeon-E to smash him through a ceiling. He and Alex then destabilize all of the Units and continues on his journey after being punched in the face by Emily.

Personality Edit

Eevan is curious and determined to find his parents, but is sometimes an idiot and doesn't think before going into a plan. He is often overpowered without the E-Forms, Almost being burned, and drowned when he can't transform.

He acts clumsy around Emily, which Alex makes fun of.

Abilities Edit

Eevan's only seen ability is to transform into E-Forms.


Shown Edit

  • Vaporeon-E

Mentioned Edit

  • Espeon-E

Trivia Edit

  • Eevan the character has existed since 2009.
  • In Seeing Double, it is revealed than Eevan is a teenager.
    • This was later confirmed by CreeperDNA that he is younger than 14.

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