Decimaton is a main antagonist of Transformers: World Attack. In the series he is a combiner made of five beings of whom have been known as the Destructicons.

Personality Edit

Decimaton is a cruel and sadistic combiner, having a love for wreaking havoc and ruining things. He even mentions the fact he enjoys the look of sadness on every being who gets in his way.

Decimaton is also highly intelligent, knowing that N.E.S.T would be forced to use the Destron Bringer to try and nullify his power and bring him down.

Whenever Decimaton is angered he usually relies on brute force and unbelievable cheating tactics to slow enemies down.

Components Edit

  • Razer: Razer is a weird bunch, being a crazy decepticon that feeds on destruction and havoc to stop himself, he's also best friends with Ruckus and Dead End, forming a crazy triad of chaos. The three decepticons would ravage citties for fun..
  • Havrok: Havrok is the leader and commander, the reason behind Decimaton's sadistic tendencies, he's gotten to the point of not speaking for years, instead relying on telepathy to combine, he's the only beast-moded member of the team...
  • Strykar: Despite being second in command. Strykar is still disrespected in many ways. All of his teammates despise and constantly disobey his orders, this is why he's apart of Decimaton. To use it to take revenge on everyone he hates.
  • Tomb: A wrathful tyrant indeed. Tomb was originally one of the Knights of Straxus. Serving as apart of their army to help give more to Straxus' dark and corrupted ways. Now Tomb has been betrayed, seeking to use Decimaton as an example for newer decepticons.
  • Airburst: A former auotobt and expert flyer, Airburst has usually hid underneath Earth until her unlucky revival. She now seeks to use most of N.E.S.T's combiner and mini-con tech to her advantage, arming herself with their weapons..

Notes Edit

  • Megatron(TFWA) is actually pretty afraid of Decimaton due to his personality and levels of cruelty. This is why Megatron wanted him shut down.
  • He's basically Bruticus but with an added layer of intelligence and evil. This also is why Bruticus and Decimaton have engaged in smackdowns before.
  • Decimaton also takes inspiration from Abominus and Menasor, being a clear abomination and menace to all of Cybertron's society.

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