Dead Man Walking
Dead Man Walking
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Residence Unknown
Occupations Criminal
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Shapeshifting
Alias DMW
Dead Ringer
Dead Man Walking, known to the Plumbers as Dead Ringer, is an interstellar murderer that has eluded capture on several different worlds.


Reports on Dead Man Walking's actual appearance are few and far between, and are wildly inconsistent. His appearance varies based on the planet that he was last seen on, typically matching that of his latest victim. In some cases (notably among those who would be able to notice this) his head appears to be decayed in some form, appearing as just the skull.


The only thing connecting Dead Man Walking's victims are their injuries, which are usually three holes around the heart with occasional signs of struggle. It is unknown if these injuries are a facet of DMW's powers or personality. The only other connection is that the series of murders only occur on one planet at a time, however the order of the planets he attacks are seemingly random.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Dead Man Walking's powers are theorised to be some form of shapeshifting that relies on him being able to assume the form of the beings that he has killed. However, the reports of his decaying face suggest that this ability is imperfect or somehow incomplete. Additionally, he has managed to evade scans for high-level alien technology on the planets that he has attacked. In short, this rules out the possibility that he could be using an ID Mask.

Additionally, the wounds found on his victims match no known weaponry. From this it can be assumed that he creates these wounds himself using either a blade or some form of unique biological weapon that is a part of his body.


The first reports of Dead Man Walking's activity occurred on the planet Pyros, followed later by Augstaka, Sangerosia, and Kinet. Aside from those planets, DMW has also attacked Petropia, the Milky Way Incarcecon, several space station cities, and most recently the Earth.


  • Dead Man Walking's abilities are partially inspired by the Your Eternal Reward knife from Team Fortress 2.
    • The name Dead Ringer is also a reference to the invis watch of the same name from TF2
  • Obviously I wouldn't say this on BTFF, but that last face that appears only for an instant is meant to be his real appearance.

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