• OmniDragon10

    EDIT: So this got taken down on BTFF because it violated the whole theme they got there so here it is. So since my series here CRASHED AND BURNED (because of me) I decided to keep active on this site somehow. I guess album reviews were the answer. Anyways, here's my review for Lemonade by Beyonce

    I heard two things about this album before I listened to it (besides its critical acclaim): that it was about Jay-Z's infidelity, and that it featured Black Lives Matter content that was highly controversial for Rich White Guys everywhere. This, along with the fact that it was by Beyonce, whom I've adored since birth, persuaded me to listen to concept album known as Lemonade.

     1. Pray You Catch Me-  The opening track and very well written. In this s…

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  • Rex0150

    Hey, I'm Rex and welcome to my first blog.

    This blog is just random stuff like memes and character pictures.

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  • CreeperDNA

    So, most of you will remember my 2013 series, AoE, which I am posting the episodes of.

    I have now decided to rewrite some of it, so can you give me feedback?


    It is the edge of a large beach with hundreds of Pokemon laying around on it. An EEVEE with a large mane of fluff around his head like that of a lion was unconscious, which isn’t normal for beaches like this. He starts to wake up and opens his eyes before closing them again. EEVEE (Sleepily) …
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  • CreeperDNA

    Fire and Ice

    September 1, 2016 by CreeperDNA

    I would like to talk to you about my latest project, Fire and Ice. It will be a movie on here in the Pokemon Universe, about a special Vulpix and how she faces a threat coming for her. This will be my first thing on BTFF EX, and as the production will take a while, I'll give you guys a sneak peek.

     The vortex continued to spin, trapping one of the fleeing Raichus in its grasp. We see a view of Mia diving in afterwards and sinking below the water.


    We change to a shot below the sea, where the previous group of Raichus are being pulled down to the bottom of the ocean. One passes out from holding their breath and icicles form around it. Another Raichu tries to use Psychic to break apart the ice, but passes out too. The forming ice envelops…

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