Beatdown is a heroic autobot and enforcer of the laws made by the N.E.S.T organization. He is a character in Transformers: World Attack.

Appearance Edit

Beatdown transforms into a swat truck. His shoulders broad and his mouth guarded with a mouthplate. He has a few armored parts, most notably on his shins and elbows with blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Beatdown is a glorious autobot. One of the high-ranking members lead by Centurion to ensure Earth is peaceful and well-protected. He acts like a usual guard, having a duty to protect these people and make sure he doesn't let them down..

When around other autobots he doesn't care about their talking. Only living to serve his program: PROTECT all..

Beatdown has a dark perspective of the decepticon. Feeling that their appearance and personalities will scare millions, he tends to show these offensive views to all decepticons, not just one..

Notes Edit

  • Beatdown is based off of Prowl in some case.
  • DO NOT hurt someone infront of him. You'll wish you hadn't..

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