Two-Face Batman

General Information
Full Name Bruce Wayne
Nicknames Batman
The Bat
Powers Genius Intellect
Physical Prowess
Martial Arts Abilities
Detective Skills
Science and Technology
Vast Wealth
Indomitable Will
Alignment Good
Affiliations Robin
Vikki Vale (formerly)
Commissioner Gordon
Harvey Dent (formerly)
Max Shreck (formerly)
Selina Kyle (formerly)
Actor Ben Affleck
Debut Batman & Robin

Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, is the focal character within the Nomalyverse movies.



Prior to Batman (1989), Bruce Wayne was the young son of Thomas and Martha Wayne, born and raised in Gotham City. When Bruce was eight, his parents took him to the theater to see one of his favorite plays. After leaving, the three were held at gun point in an alleyway by Jack Napier. Napier then proceeded to murder and rob the parents in front of Bruce, who was unable to help them or himself. In an odd act of mercy, Napier left Bruce alive. This would later inspire Bruce to take on the mantle of the Batman to stop crime. Napier said only two things to the young Bruce: "You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" and "See ya around, kid."



In Batman (1989), Batman has had some history, although his existence was not exactly confirmed. He was simply a story. The GCPD even denied his existence. It wasn't until the GCPD ran into him when trying to take down Jack Napier at Axis Chemicals did they realize he had a presence within Gotham City. Batman confronted Napier (although, at this point, he did not know that Napier was the one who murdered his parents) above a vat of acid. Napier shot at Batman, who deflected the bullet, causing it to ricochet back to Napier, shooting through both his cheeks, causing extreme scarring. The hit caused Napier to stumble over a railing, hanging by Batman's hand above the acid. Batman lost his grip and Napier fell into the acid. Thinking Napier dead, the GCPD went after Batman, who disappeared into the night. However, Napier miraculously survived the acid. His face, on the other hand, was not able to be saved, and he was stuck with a permanent smile. The acid also caused his skin to become as white as snow, and his hair to turn green. He then took on the mantle of the Joker. Joker began causing chaos all over Gotham, and even taunted Batman into revealing his identity. It wasn't until Joker and Bruce Wayne met that Bruce realized the Joker killed his parents, as Joker said "You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" just before attempting to murder him. Batman confronted Joker at the top of a cathedral in the middle of Gotham, just after Joker had kidnapped Vikki Vale. Batman used Joker's line just before attacking him and saving Vikki. Joker almost narrowly escaped on his helicopter, but Batman shot a grapple, anchoring the Joker to a gargoyle on the cathedra's roof. The gargoyle broke off, but weighed the Joker down, causing him to fall to his presumed death.

Batman ReturnsEdit

Batman Returns marks Batman's first encounters with Oswald Cobblepot and Selina Kyle, the Penguin and Catwoman, respectively, as well as business criminal, Max Shreck. Batman met Selina on the streets, saving her from the Penguin's goons, only hours before Shreck attempted to murder her. When confronting Penguin for working with Shreck to monopolize on Gotham City's electricity, Batman and the Penguin were introduced to Catwoman, who blew up Shreck's department store. The Penguin made a swift escape while Batman chases Catwoman, almost inadvertently killing her. Selina simultaneously enters a relationship with Bruce Wayne and a partnership with Penguin, the latter while as Catwoman. Together, Selina and Oswald framed Batman to make it seem like he kidnapped the beauty queen, the Ice Princess. However, the people turned on Oswald after Batman records him insulting Gotham City. Enraged by Batman, Oswald kidnapped Gotham's first born sons and threatened to drown them, and revealed his intentions during a masquerade ball. This same ball is where Bruce and Selina found out each other's identities. After stopping both this plan, and Oswald's plan to blow up Gotham with missiles on the backs of penguins, Oswald attacked Batman, only to fall in the toxic water of the sewers. Despite Batman's attempts to reason with Catwoman, she killed Shreck with an exposed electrical wire. The rubble buried Shreck's body, and Catwoman was nowhere to be found. Oswald emerged from the water, but died from injnuries before being able to attack Batman. Afterwards, Batman returned home, taking with him Selina's cat.

Batman ForeverEdit

Batman Forever began with Batman arriving at the scene of Two-Face, once known as Harvey Dent, robbing the Second Bank of Gotham, apparently on the second anniversary of Batman locking him up. Two-Face intended on drowning Batman in the same acid that horrifically mutated half of Harvey's face. Depsite this failing, Two-Face still made a swift escape from Batman. The next day, Bruce showed up at Wayne Enterprises, where he met with Edward Nigma. Nigma had the idea to insert television broadcasts directly into people's minds, but Bruce denied the idea, as it "raised too many questions." Broken by the words of his idol, Nigma became bent on making his idea a sensation. Against the words of Bruce, Nigma created his technology. Nigma's boss intended to terminate him, but was knocked out then strapped to a chair by Nigma. Nigma then read and extracted information from his boss' brain, and killed him, but made it seem like a suicide. Bruce, alongside love interest, Chase Meridian, attended the circus. In this circus, Two-Face showed up and took over, intending on blowing everyone up if Batman did not reveal himself. Bruce yelled to Two-Face that he was Batman, but was unheard due to the chaos. The bomb Two-Face intended to use was taken by the Flying Graysons, who were performing that night, and it was taken out through the top of the circus, where Dick Grayson disposed of it. While Dick was doing this, Two-Face shot and killed the rest of the Graysons, leaving Dick without family. Feeling sympathetic, Bruce brought Dick into his custody. The entire scene was watched by Nigma. Dick soon found out about Bruce being Batman by finding the Batcave. Nigma, undergoing the title of the Riddler, showed up at Two-Face's lair, where he proposed a team up, and revealed that they could learn about how to defeat Batman by using Nigma's technology. Elsewhere in Gotham, Nigma's technology gained popularity, and he then threw a party for it, which Bruce Wayne was invited to. Bruce, unfortunately, got his mind scanned by Nigma's technology. In the midst of the party, Two-Face showed up, and attempted to kill Batman, who was saved by Dick. Initially, Bruce was completely resistant to having a partner, refusing Dick any time he would advance. The scan on Bruce's brain allowed Riddler and Two-Face to learn of his true identity as the Batman. The two showed up at Wayne Manor, knocking out Alfred and Bruce, and kidnapping Chase. It was then that Batman accepted Robin as a partner, and the two went to save Chase from the criminals. Robin, who managed to overcome his want to kill Two-Face in revenge, was captured due to not killing Two-Face, and used as a hostage against Batman. The amount of knowledge Nigma had gained cause him to go insane, and became so delusional that he thought he was Batman, not Bruce Wayne. Two-Face was going to kill Batman, Robin, and Chase, but decided to leave it up to chance. However, when he flipped his coin, Batman threw out more coins, distracting Two-Face. Two-Face tried to catch one of the coins thrown, but slipped, and fell to his demise.



Batman & RobinEdit

It is currently unknown how this version of Batman & Robin differs from the one from the original Burtonmacherverse.


Two-Face (Nomalyverse Movie)Edit



  • In Batman and Batman Returns, Batman was portrayed by Michael Keaton. In Batman Forever, he was portrayed by Val Kilmer. In the original Batman & Robin, he was portrayed by George Clooney, but is replaced by Ben Affleck in the Nomalyverse version.