Backlash is a decepticon and main protagonist of Transformers: World Attack. He is the current hacker of the decepticons..

Appearance Edit

Backlash transforms into a purplish and yellow car. Having the classic way to transform in Transformers..

Personality Edit

Backlash is one of the smartest of many decepticons. Despite being the premier hacker he is also one of the most disrespected by his buddy Splitwheels. This has commonly bit Splitwheels in the back, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Notes Edit

  • Backlash is like a mix of Shockwave's intelligence(lacking his cruel and calculating nature) plus breakdown's transformation(A usual fast car. Generally the one to complain.)
  • Grandaes has created a nickname for Backlash. Calling him his original name "SMALLSTEP" or "STEPPER"

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