General Information
Pokémon Species Rotom
Age <18
Affiliations Eevan
Occupation(s) Adventurer
Powers and abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Lightning/Plasma Bolts
Machinery Possesion
Circuitry Travel
Relatives Unknown

Alex is a character in Adventures of Eevan. He is the main protagonist, along with Eevan.

History Edit

In The Journey Begins, Alex meets Eevan and saves him from a pack of Houndooms. Later, he finds out Eevan can transform into E-Forms and decides to go with him to find their parents.

In The Legend Of Eevan, he is captured by Whiven, and warns Eevan that he might be dead. Eventually, he hijacks the machine Eevan is connected to, freeing him from the dream, and teleports them both away.

In Seeing Double, he and Eevan take a break on Maap Island, and he notices Eevan's crush on Emily. He doesn't notice Eevan being replaced, but attacks Unit 17 and 80, before Eevan bursts through the floor and they destabilize the Units. He creates a plasma forcefield to contain the remains of them.

Personality Edit

Alex acts like a regular kid, but thinks about things before he goes through with them and knows how to pick fights.

Abilities Edit

Like all Rotoms, he has Electrokinesis, Plasmakinesis, the ability to posess and control machinery and to travel through circuits.

Trivia Edit

  • Eevan the character has existed since 2009.
  • In The Journey Begins, Eevan says that Alex doesn't look older than a teenager.

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